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VEDH TECHNO ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is a company formed with a vision to provide professional services to various industries including more particular Water Industry, Power Industry, Infrastructure, Hospitality & Cleaning Industry. The company is promoted and managed by professional engineers having more than 25 years of vast experience in various fields of different industrial segments. To provide prompt sales & after sales service support, the company is working with different divisions for different products.

Division 1

Chlorine Gas is used for disinfection of water. We, at Vedh, are serving to various Water Treatment plants / Power Plants / Sewage Treatment plants / CW Systems at various locations with our range of Gas Chlorination products. The Gas Chlorination System includes various types of Gas Chlorinators and accessories like Chlorine Manifolds, Valves, Trunion, Check Valves, Diffusers, Chlorine Analyzers, Corporation Stop, Instrumental controls and Safety Equipments like Air Breathing Apparatus, Chlorine Leak Detectors, Tonner safety kit etc.

Apart from the manual control, these Gas Chlorination Systems can be installed with fully automatic control with PLC & SCADA systems. Considering the various types of needs in different industries, we provide High Quality, Long Lasting, Safer, Indigenous as well as Imported Gas Chlorinators / Chlorination Systems. We are the Sole Distributors of Hydro-USA for there entire range of Gas Chlorination Systems & Automation products in India. Apart from the direct sale in the industry, we also cater the Hydro-USA quality products through our various local dealers all over India.

Division 2

Clean India, Safe India - Clean & Neat is a need of the hour and Vedh Techno is dealing in High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners which is heart of the cleaning system & is also known as High Pressure Washer, High Pressure Cleaner or High Pressure Pump. A wide range of various best world class European quality machines including Heavy Duty Industrial application & Commercial light duty application are available Ex-stock. Not only the machines, but spares & service to these machines is also available at any given time at Vedh.

Division 3

This division deals in various types of Industrial couplings & fittings for various sizes of pipes. The different Industries like Shipping, Water, Power Plants, Steel, Refineries, Oil & Gas & Engineering are using our products since last decade. With specialization in MS fabricated products we are catering various types of Pipe Sleeve Couplings, Dismantling Joints, Flange Adaptors, Slide Sleeve type Expansion Joints & Pipe Repair Clamps. Though we have practically all sizes for the entire range of above products our technical team is also capable to design & build any special size couplings.

Quality Policy

Vedh Techno Engineers Pvt.Ltd. is a trustworthy organization with high performance standards. All our divisions are supported by a team of qualified trained professionals.

Our Products

Kranzle, Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner, Kranzle High Pressure Washer, Kranzle 2160, Kranzle 2195, Kranzle High Pressure Pump